by Jason Bird, Director of Client Servicesjason bird exemplify group

While eXemplify Group’s Client Services team serves many functions for our clients, one of our primary goals is to provide end-to-end project management with every order we sell. No matter how straightforward or complex, the installation and provisioning of their new services is critical. We have been successful as a company because our clients know they have a trusted partner who will answer their questions, address concerns, and ultimately make sure all new services are installed correctly.

BUT, most clients don’t realize that installation is just the beginning. There are several additional areas where our Client Services department will continue to help for the lifetime of the client relationship.

Trouble Tickets – Because Bad Things Happen to Good People

In the world of technology, we all know issues arise and trouble tickets have to be created. eXemplify Group’s Client Services will help you manage your trouble tickets all the way through resolution. If needed, we can assist with the creation of trouble tickets, but we always recommend you open your own ticket. You understand your issues better than we do and can answer any specific questions the respective supplier may have. Once the ticket is open, forward it to us so we can make sure your issues get resolved. Our job is to get the right person in touch with you quickly so we can reduce the the mean time to repair.

Escalations – We Know Where to Get Results!

Sometimes getting something done means going straight to the top. Because of our long-standing relationships with our suppliers as well as the collective business our clients represent to them, eXemplify can have a greater influence moving trouble tickets along that any one client would have going it alone. This is a huge value add for our clients.

Billing Issues – There is Nothing Funny about the Money

Simply put, billing issues involve problems with a supplier’s billing department. Erroneous charges happen rarely, but when they do happen they must be addressed and managed. Just like with trouble tickets, when a billing issue is found, we always recommend that you open a billing ticket and then allow us to manage and escalate the issue until it is resolved and you are completely satisfied.

We always encourage our customers to contact us anytime they have an issue or just to let us know if there might be a better way to achieve their objectives, we can be reached at